UniPOS FS4000/4 Конвенционален панел за контрола на пожар

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  • Fire control panel FS4000 is designed to operate with conventional automatic fire detectors and manual call points. The panel has outputs provided for external executive devices.

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Conventional Fire Control panel:
– 4 fire alarm lines;
– 2 monitored outputs;
– 2 relay output for fire;
– 1 relay output for fault.

Technical features

Fire alarm lines:
– Maximum number of fire detectors in a line: 32
– Connecting line: two-wire
– Maximum resistance of a line: 100 Ω

Current thresholds for:
– Fault condition: 0 – 6 mA
– Duty mode: 6 – 16 mA
– Fire condition: 16 – 80 mA
– Short circuit: > 80 mA

Monitored outputs for fire condition:
– Number: 2 pcs
– Type: potential, relay with independent control
– Electrical characteristics: (19-27.5)V DC/1A

Relay outputs for fire condition:
– Number: 2 pcs
– Type: potential-free,1 switching, 1 NO
– Electrical characteristics: 3А/125V AC, 3A/30V DC

Relay output for fault condition:
– Number: 1 pcs
– Type: potential-free, switching
– Electrical characteristics: 3А/125V AC, 3A/30V DC

Relay output for fault condition:
– Number: 1 pcs
– Type: none-monitored type activated on short-circuit (from potential free contact)
– Electrical characteristics: 5 VDC on normal open state / 0 VDC in activation mode
– Control over fire alarm lines and controllable outputs for fault conditions (short circuit and interruption) and automatic reset.
– Detection of removed fire detector and automatic reset.
– Identification of manual call points.
– LED indication for alarm state and emergency.
– Delay of outputs for fire condition with time period of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 minutes after fire condition is registered.
– Option for ‘LOGICAL AND’ realization of two fire alarm lines.
– Duty Mode condition with direct activation of Fire Condition 2nd Stage ” for two fire alarm lines.
– Status Indication of the device for data transmission RS485.
– Option for switching on/off interface RS485 communication.
– Built-in sounder for fire condition – one tonal, continuous, can be switched off.
– Built-in sounder for fault condition – one tonal, discontinuous, can be switched off.
– Test mode for fire alarm lines.
– Disabling fire alarm lines.
– Disabling outputs for fire condition.
– Expanding the options by means of extra relay outputs for fire condition for each line and built-in RS485 for operation in a local network.
– Input for remote Reset fires operation;

Indications of registered events:
– Light indication: LED
– Sound: Built-in buzzer

Power supply:
– Voltage: (100-240)V AC
– Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Backup batteries:
– Battery type: lead, gel electrolyte
– Number of batteries: 2 pcs
– Nominal voltage of the backup battery: 12V
– Nominal capacity C20: (7,0) Ah
– Charge voltage: 28V DC

Operation in Duty mode upon interruption in main power supply:
Lines – 24V / 1,2Ah – 24V / 4,5Ah – 24V / 7,0Ah
4 lines – 24 h – 98 h – 140 h

Consumption on backup batteries supply:


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