UniPOS-Intellect Софтвер за мониторинг

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  • Intellect – graphic software for monitoring and vizualization of IFS7000 addressable system and FS5100, FS5200 conventional panels.
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The UniPOS-Intellect software solution is used for applications where graphical information and video surveillance of the fire and fault events are required. The Graphical monitoring equipment is consist of UniPOS Conventional or UniPOS Addressable system connected to one or more personal computers with installed server, administrator or client UniPOS-Intellect application mode. That software environment enables the user to monitor easily the fire alarm system by means of an interactive map of the site and to maintain an event log of the registered events and the actions of the operator.

Functional data:

* Each system component (fire detector, fire alarm panel, video camera, etc.) is represented as a virtual object (pictogram) for the end user;
* Multilayer map of the protected site, with labels and links of the components and layers;
* Event log service with back-up history;
* Location of the event on the layer of the map, sound alarm on the workstation, user control with commands from the map, text log of the event in an Event viewer, etc.;
* Site specific scenarios with scripts and macros can be designed in the UniPOS-Intellect;
* The UniPOS-Intellect solution is compatible with the UniPOS IFS7000, FS5100, FS5200, FS4000 products;


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