Cyber Power UT1050E UPS 1050VA/630W уред за непрекинато напојување

6,250.00 ден со ДДВ

UT1050E Cyber Power 1050VA/630W Line-interactive; Automatic voltage regulator (AVR); Outlets: (3) Schuko;

Power-On / Using Battery LED – Audio Alarms for: Overload, On-Battery, and Low-Battery – Alarm Mute System Included

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CyberPower UT1050E provides home and office users with a reliable battery backup and safeguards office PCs, network communication equipment, and other electronic devices from surges, spikes, brownouts and other power incidents. The product is generator-compatible, which allows users flexible application scenario planning for power outages. The built-in Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) stabilizes the AC signal to deliver power at safe voltage levels for all connected equipment without resorting to battery power.


  • Line-interactive UPS Topology
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
  • Generator Compatible
  • Simulated Sine Wave Output
  • Overload Protection
  • EMI and RFI Filtration
  • Phone/Fax/Modem/DSL/Network Protection
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Configurable Alarm
  • Tower Form Factor


  • Home
  • SOHO Office
  • Office
  • NAS/Storage Devices
  • Computers



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